MICROBLADING is a Semi-Permanent Cosmetic manual procedure that gives you hair like strokes. These strokes are a replica to 1 strand of hair on your eyebrow area.

We use a small medical grade, disposable thin blade (THIS IS NOT A BLADE, but a cluster of needles put together) that deposits pigment under the skin (Epidermis). Each stroke is manually made one by one. We insert the pigment closer to the surface of the skin therefore the strokes appear very defined compared to a traditional tattoo where it is further down in the skin (Dermis) which will result and appear more blurred.


  • Known as Embroidery of the Eyebrow, 3-D Eyebrow.
  • Semi-Permanent (Always nice as faces, shapes, styles change!)
  • Can last up to a year! This may last longer on some individuals.
  • Takes approximately 2 hours from start to finish for an initial appointment and approximately 1 hour for touch ups (if you have had your initial procedure with Face Room).
  • Healing will be different for everyone. Typically healing on the surface (top of Epidermis) will approximately take 1-2 weeks. Although your skin is still recovering and will need protected from the sun and any acidic products and procedures.
  • Microblading healing, approximately take 4-6 weeks or more. This may take longer dependent on skin type, skin sensitivity, and healing process.
  • Internally, this should heal completely with-in 25-30 days. (You should not see anything physically. This is internal)
  • The healing and results are different from Tattooing due to the layer of skin we enter with the blade vs traditional Tattooing which is done below the Epidermis, on the Dermis.
  • Touch ups are your responsibility to book and a MUST to achieve the best results! (SEE Pricing and below)
Clients are responsible for reading all about the procedure, skin typing and healing possibilities prior to their sessions. no exceptions.
For information about our pricing and touch up services, please review our pricing. ALL PRICING IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANY TIME. Please call with any questions you may have.


During your appointment:

  • Consultation, including measurements and drawing desired shape.
  • Custom shaping to compliment your facial symmetry dimensions and hair pattern.
  • Color matching to your similar hue of existing palette of hair and skin type.
  • Medical Grade numbing cream is applied for comfort.
  • Microblading starts!

Down time and Maintenance:

  • Minimal down time! You can go about your day as planned! (See Precautions)
  • Touch ups are recommended minimally, 6 weeks after initial 1st full service.
  • Touch ups are recommended 3-6 months after full service from last service.
  • Touch ups will darken color, sharpen faded strokes and add any strokes desired.
  • Touch ups are your responsibility to book and a MUST to achieve the best results!


Who gets this procedure?  People who desire a change in shape because they:

  • Do not want fill in their eyebrows each day. NO SMUDGING!
  • Have Hair loss. (Slight or completely)
  • Have over tweezed, and/or over-waxed their eyebrow hair.
  • Want to reconstruct their eyebrow shape by filling in or cover gaps.
  • Want natural looking, defined brows shape and arches.

Is it painful?
* Most describe the procedure “not as bad as they thought and better than they expected!”

* It may be a little uncomfortable. Every individual is different. I use a numbing agent that masks and helps with any possible discomfort BEFORE AND DURING. 

*This will be different for everyone, but SOOOOO WORTH IT!!!

What is the difference in a traditional Tattoo vs. MICROBLADING?
*A traditional Tattoo is made by uses a vibrating machine that makes for less control, and is inserting in the DERMIS (Deeper than the Epidermis) equaling a type of shade or blurrier line.

*A  MICROBLADE is made manually when a fine blade (NOT A BLADE, BUT a cluster of fine needles) deposits pigment into the EPIDERMIS (not as deep as the Dermis) which allows the line to appear more defined and real-like. Tattoos are permanent with a filled in finish.  MICROBLADING is semi-permanent with a precise, defined result. Results for longevity is subject to each individual client. 


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